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In an industry dedicated to enhancing the beauty of our clients, The Sovereign Stylist,  asks, "why is the beauty business so ugly?"


The business side of beauty is filled with people who are often taken advantage of & denied worker's rights. Thus, many beauty industry professionals work without being paid adequately for their time, experience unethical wage deductions, and are often misclassified.

After facing a similar situation, LeeAnn Miley, our President, and Executive Director realized the need for more education & advocacy for beauty professionals. Thus, The Sovereign Stylist was created to provide resources, services, & education to salon owners & other beauty industry professionals.


Since 2018, The Sovereign Stylist has acted as a beacon of education on topics such as law, business management, and salon operations. With plans to grow a dedicated team of non-branded educators to further education in all aspects of the beauty industry, we can honestly say – this is just the beginning.


We have partnered with lawyers, Certified Public Accountants (CPA), former Internal Revenue Service officials, & former Department of Labor officials to raise awareness of misclassification for stylists and salon owners. In such a short time, The Sovereign Stylist has established a network of business professionals across 14 states & continues to grow.


Our mission is to correct the shortcomings of State Board mandated education, the Sovereign Stylist aims to give Salon Owners and Stylists formal education for running their business as well as become an advocate for licensed beauty industry professionals – by licensed beauty industry professions.

The Sovereign Stylist is in now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity! 

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