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The following is a list created based on proper worker classification set by the Internal Revenue Service & the US  Department of Labor.


  • Essentially a landlord

  • Is not a manager or boss to booth rent stylist

  • Provides work place & amenities

  • Not responsible for providing clients

  • Can not dictate when stylist works within normal salon business hours

  • Only collects rent payments from stylist, does not make anything off clients services

  • Does not limit stylist to certain products or brands

  • Not responsible for stylist’s taxes

  • Does not market or promote for stylist

  • Can not require stylist to participate in salon sales or promotions

  • Can increase rent amount once current lease expires

  • Responsible for over all cleanliness of salon except for stylist station

  • Can provide incentives like lower priced rent for new stylist

  • Responsible for paying building bills (electric, water, trash, phone/wifi)

  • Protect salon property from damage

  • Can not require stylist to use salon branding or name when advertising

  • Set a good example for expectations

  • Can NOT “fire” booth renter

  • Should not solicit retail sales from the stylist’s clients. Allow stylist to sell their own retail.

  • Does not HAVE to allow stylist to take salon walk-ins

  • Can NOT be held responsible for mistakes made by stylist

  • Receives 1099 form from stylist for rents paid over $600/year, IF not a corporation

  • Has no control over the way a stylist obtains an end result

  • Can NOT force a booth renter to adhere to a dress code or other salon guidelines

  • Can NOT require the booth renter to use the salon’s branding or promote the salon’s name in any of their marketing materials

  • Maintain salon image

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