A Sovereign Stylist: Marta Belo

As a company, The Sovereign Stylist team understands that without you all, we would be nothing. So, to give back to our community, we have decided to interview and formally introduce the top contributor of the group each month as well as gift one year of membership to all top contributors that have been in the group for a year or more.

So without further ado, our Sovereign Stylist for April is

Marta Belo!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/marta.fenek

Instagram: @martacolorexpert


Webpage: https://martabelohair.com/

Marta Belo recalls a postcard with the bright words "Los Angeles" in the middle of it hanging in her family’s kitchen in eastern Europe. In 1989, she boarded a plane with her family, and fourteen hours later she was inhaling the warm air of Los Angeles, CA. It was a dream come true for her parents. Luckily, she had been studying the English language since second grade, which made communicating in a new country that much easier.

Dolores Kondrashova

Growing up, Marta would style her friends and neighbors hair. At the age of 19, she decided that being a hairstylist would be her life career. She attended cosmetology school in Moscow, Russia, where she lived for three years. Marta’s mentor, in Moscow, was a strong, charismatic, well-known artist in the Russian beauty industry, Dolores Kondrashova. Dolores trained Marta to work behind the scenes at a high-end fashion show in Moscow. The night before the event, Marta was told that her three models, who were also complete strangers, would be sharing a hotel room with her. Dolores warned them that should they party too much and any failure to appear for the event would disqualify them all from the event and Marta’s year of training would be wasted. Working under extreme pressure, such as this, was just one of many lessons Dolores taught Marta. Marta learned to better structure her life to be independent and train her eyes to see beauty everywhere.