Build Your Book

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

About the author:

LeeAnn Miley is a salon owner based in Hastings, Nebraska, and the President and Executive Director of The Sovereign Stylist. Her personal experiences led her to advocate and educate stylists on proper worker classification. LeeAnn’s blogs are typically focused on tax compliance, worker classification, and general business practices. LeeAnn believes that laws and business are powerful entities when one has knowledge of them and has dedicated herself to spreading such knowledge to the industry she loves.

In order for your salon business to be successful, it takes a revolving door of clientele. A lot of stylists rely on social media and some rely on referrals, but eventually the door slows down. So where do you go from here? I've compiled a list of unique ideas to build your book.

Radio- Take 10 $15 gift certificates to your local radio station. Have them use them as “give-a-ways.” Free advertisement plus new clients!

Hashtag- Hashtags are a great way for potential clients to “stumble” across you on social media. Use area schools, colleges, local events, places, big corporate businesses, the possibilities are endless.