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PEDEN Accounting Services

For over 20 years, I've been in the business of untangling the financial webs that often entangle individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in the salon industry.

My mission? To liberate you from the burdens of financial management so you can focus on what you do best: serving your clients and thriving in your salon. Whether it's deciphering tax returns, unraveling financial intricacies, or guiding you through complex financial scenarios, I'm here to give you back your time and peace of mind.  I'm not just about ticking off compliance boxes or crunching numbers. I'm your dedicated ally, committed to forging a lasting partnership that evolves with the changes in your life and salon business. Your financial aspirations are my priority, and I'm here to help you craft a robust plan that propels you toward your dream salon venture.  Beyond taxes, I offer a spectrum of financial services tailored to your salon's unique needs. From tax planning and representation during audits to dissecting financial reports and guiding investment decisions, as well as managing your cash and making sure you have a plan to avoid cash crunches, my expertise spans the breadth of financial management.  Throughout the year, I'm your go-to resource for tax insights that can save you significant sums. Whether you're launching a salon, expanding operations, dealing with a cash crunch, or contemplating retirement, I'll navigate the tax maze with you, maximizing benefits every step of the way.

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