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Our Mission

To correct the shortcomings of State Board mandated education, The Sovereign Stylist aims to give Salon Owners and Stylists education for running their business as well as become an advocate for licensed beauty industry professionals – by licensed beauty industry professionals.

Our Vision

To ensure the ethical & legal treatment of professionals in the beauty industry by becoming a beacon of education for the beauty industry and regulatory bodies.

Our Goals

  • Advocate for the ethical & legal treatment of beauty industry workers​

  • Educate salon owners on the ethical & legal treatment of beauty industry workers​

  • Raise awareness of proper worker classification ​

  • Bring non-branded education to stylist & salon owners​

  • Provide mentoring opportunities to group members​

  • Educate members on the pros and cons of pending state/federal legislation​

  • Establish a network of white-collar professionals.​

Our Accomplishments

  • The Sovereign Stylist has advised 911 Individuals since 2018.

  • We have helped 15% of them report their possible misclassification to the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • The Sovereign Stylist has 22,000+ members in its Facebook Group.

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