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Maureen Roxberry

Membership Director

Maureen believes in the beauty and magic of the industry. However, being an independent stylist, she also understands that every business’s backend needs solid cogwheels to be successful. Maureen’s methodical approach to moderating and interacting with The Sovereign Stylist’s Facebook group made her a natural choice to be the point of contact for the organization.

Originally from the Miami, Florida area, Maureen moved to Michigan and began her life as a suite renter. For one and a half years, Maureen has paid close attention to detail as well as researching crucial aspects of her business to remain compliant.

Maureen values The Sovereign Stylist’s mission because she feels that the only way to combat predatory business practices is to educate and support stylists. Once stylists know what to look for, they won’t fall for such scams. However, she also understands that salon owners also need education and support to ensure they are treating their employees or renters correctly.

Maureen graduated from the Cosmetology program at Kaizen Beauty Academy in 2017.

“Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?"

-  Gary Vee

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