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Rose Linder

Director of Finance

Rose believes in the freedom that comes with proper education. Being an Accountant, and owner of her own accounting firm that specializes in the beauty industry, she has seen many financial and tax pitfalls that could have been avoided had salon and stylists reached out sooner. Rose’s analytical approach to guiding members as a group expert on The Sovereign Stylist’s Facebook group as well as her background in non-profit financials, made her a natural choice for the position.

With over 20 years of accounting experience, Rose’s knowledge of tax and accounting issues, traps, and workarounds are unmatched for beauty professionals. Her advice is tailored specifically to each client’s issues and company background. This helps Rose to create a customized profile of the business as well as a flowchart of the situation at hand. As a self-proclaimed “thinker” this process allows her to reason through a business, with all of the evidence in front of her.

Rose values The Sovereign Stylist’s mission because she values accountability. Rose understands that business owners are busy and rarely get it right with taxes and accounting; however, once an error is uncovered, it is the salon owner's or stylist's duty to correct and learn from the mistakes.

Rose holds an Associate Degree in Account from Madison College and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Upper Iowa University.

“Done is better than perfect because perfect never gets done."

- Proverb

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