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First off: Welcome to The Sovereign Stylist family!

We hope you enjoy the resources we have created and curated just for you!

Since 2018, The Sovereign Stylist (TSS) has acted as a beacon of education on topics such as law, business management, and salon operations. With plans to grow a dedicated team of non-branded educators to further education in all aspects of the beauty industry, we can honestly say – this is just the beginning.


We have partnered with lawyers, Certified Public Accountants (CPA), former Internal Revenue Service officials, & former Department of Labor officials to raise awareness of misclassification for stylists and salon owners. In such a short time, The Sovereign Stylist, Inc. has established a network of business professionals across several states & continues to grow.

​"Cool, but what's with the pineapples?"

Our mission is to empower beauty professionals to stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!

Website- How to Calculate Booth Rent.png
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Positive Impact

Devices and Pineapple

— Katina F., Title

“Even though, as an independent stylist, we think we know a lot but there is always room to learn. I love The Sovereign Stylist because there is a community to learn from.”

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