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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

About the author:

LeeAnn Miley is a salon owner based in Hastings, Nebraska, and the President and Executive Director of The Sovereign Stylist. Her personal experiences led her to advocate and educate stylists on proper worker classification. LeeAnn’s blogs are typically focused on tax compliance, worker classification, and general business practices. LeeAnn believes that laws and business are powerful entities when one has knowledge of them and has dedicated herself to spreading such knowledge to the industry she loves.

There is no question that technology has changed the beauty industry. The days of face to face consultation, calling the salon to book an appointment, and choosing a new look from a look book are few and far between. More and more stylists are connecting with their clients via text messaging and clients are heading to the web for inspiration photos.

It also seems that new salon software companies are popping up weekly. Currently there are over 100 different software companies geared toward the beauty industry. These software companies have developed apps & programs to simplify salon operations. These programs and apps feature schedules, client information databases, online booking, text/email reminders, credit card processing, check out services, salon menus, marketing, reports and so much more.

With over a hundred different options, how do you find the right program for you? Here are some things to take into consideration:



•Free features

•Add-on Services

•Customer service


•Customer reviews


•Device compatibility

In this blog, I am going to highlight the top 13 salon software programs. It is important, though, to know that the best way to find out if a particular program fits your business needs is to give it a test drive. Some programs require a monthly subscription, but offer a free trial period.


Booker is cloud based salon software by MINDBODY. They do not offer a free trial, however they will give you a free guided tour of the program you request. There are three different plans and additional add-on services to choose from and there is a contract to sign. Prices range from $129/month to $349/month.

Booker offers:

  • Flat-rate pricing regardless of how many staff members you have

  • Multi-location business with any package

  • Online appointment book

  • Online booking

  • Email & text appointment reminders

  • Point-Of-Sale

  • Detailed customer records

  • Package, series, membership management

  • Inventory management

  • Gift certificates

  • Document storage

  • Detailed reports

  • Email campaigns

  • Login protection

  • Customizable drip campaigns

  • Customer feedback, ratings & reviews

  • Customer referral program

  • Branded mobile app (additional $249/mo)

  • Credit card processing

  • E-Commerce

  • Ability to charge cancellation & no-show fees

  • Marketing automations

Stylist Review:

“We use this at the salon I work in. We have had multiple issues from the system shutting down and not being able to take payment, it telling clients we don’t have availability for weeks or even not at all when we do. Not being able to re-book clients because it doesn’t recognize their name or number. It’s easy to use but there are lots of bugs.”

By: GlossGenius

Be your own boss, grow your business, maximize your income and stay in control, with automated appointment scheduling, next-day payments, client management and built-in marketing tools from Glossgenius. You can try it out for free for 14 days, a monthly plan will run you $24/month. Currently, Glossgenius is only available for single users, it is ideal for independent business owners (suite stylists, booth renters).

Glossgenius offers:

  • Mobile app with desktop access

  • Online appointment book

  • Recurring booking

  • Personal time blocks

  • Customizable business hours

  • FaceBook Booking

  • Online Booking

  • Automatic/push notifications

  • Email & text reminders

  • Confirmations

  • Personalized thank-you’s

  • Client notes & pictures

  • Social media & text marketing

  • Website tracking

  • Various reports

  • Business menus

  • Inventory management

  • Credit card processing (no contract)

Stylist Review:

“Love problems at all, very low percentage 26-cent per (credit card) transaction. Just wish they had same day deposit option.”
“I use Glossgenius, now. I see where there could be some improvements, but I’m happy overall. I’m not even worried about having my money the same day.”

By: Millennium Systems International

Meevo 2 is a cloud based platform with everything needed to run a salon or spa business and is available wherever you are via their phone app. Meevo 2 offers stylist/owners a free 20 minute tour.

Monthly subscriptions start at $97 for up to 10 stylist and goes up to $297 for Unlimited users.

Meevo 2 Offers:

  • Millennium Academy: online toolbox with video guides, self-check tests, certification courses and more get-smarter resources.

  • Voice Recognition

  • Appointment Book

  • Customizable Online Booking

  • Waitlist

  • Membership Packages

  • Promotional Planner

  • Employee Time Clock & Scheduling

  • Employee Perks

  • Inventory

  • Barcode Reader

  • Purchase Orders

  • Multi-location Access

  • Mobile Register

  • Credit Card Processor

  • Smart Recommendation: keeps track of the products a client has previously purchased. It also lets you know when they're due to buy more for an easy sales boost at checkout.

Stylist Review:

“I currently use Meevo 2, it is very down to the last detail! Their customer service is amazing! It takes some time to get used to. It was one of the only systems that allowed me to put everyone in as an independent contractor/booth rent and they could also use the credit card system because they were all given a different merchant account numbers, which was awesome! They can print their numbers and it helps their business! We like it a lot!”

By: Photest Salon Software

Phorest is cloud based software that utilizes the drag-and-drop method. Stylists can download the PhorestGo app to their phones and have access to their business wherever they are 24/7. Phorest offers a free tour that is set up with their customer service team and is perfect for growing salons that have 3+ staff. There are 4 different plan choices that you can request a quote for.

Phorest Offers:

  • Appointment Calendar

  • Online Booking

  • Branded Booking App For Clients

  • Social Media Partnering

  • Wait List

  • Text & Email Reminders

  • Photo Editor

  • Salon Marketing

  • Online Reviews

  • Client Loyalty Program

  • Client Management

  • Multiple Salon Locations

  • Various Reports

  • Staff Scheduling

  • Payroll & Commission

  • Inventory Management

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Point Of Sale

  • Digital Documentation Forms

  • Credit Card Processor

Stylist Review:

“As a stylist (employee) I loved Phorest. Having the ability to book clients right from your phone was the easiest and most convenient!”

By: Floydware

Rosy salon Software is a cloud based system and was developed by the Floydware company. Their responsive design provides 100% availability from any device. Rosy gives you the power and the freedom to live life on the go.

Rosy offers a 30 free trial with no credit card needed. They offer two plans and add on features. Plans cost is determined by the number of users, but will run you between $29 and $37 a month.

Rosy Offers:

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Online Booking

  • Text & Email Communications

  • Mobile Access

  • FaceBook/Google Integration

  • Inventory Management

  • Mobile App

  • Reports

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Rewards & Referrals

  • Email Marketing

  • Text Confirmation

  • Client Images

  • Point Of Sale

Stylist Review:

“I would never choose any other software. It’s the best for my salon, easy to handle, and very reasonably priced. The clients love all the online appointments and reminders!”

By: SalonBiz

SalonBiz is fully featured salon software management created for salon owners by salon owners. Whether you are a small salon or multi-location group with centralized management requirements, SalonBiz has you covered. You can schedule a free tour with their customer services team. Pricing is based on salon size and starts at $150 a month depending on your needs.

SalonBiz Features:

Online Booking

  • 24/7 Mobile Sales

  • Centralized Multi-Location Data

  • Mobile Appointment Scheduling

  • Client Profiles

  • Confirmation Emails & Text

  • Consultation Forms

  • Stats, Goal Setting & Reports

  • Deposit Collection

  • Website/FaceBook Booking

  • Google Analytics

  • eCommerce

  • Credit Card Processor

Stylist Review:

“Pretty user friendly, kind of easy for people to make booking mistakes, the online booking for clients wasn’t amazing and there seemed to be more issues with confirmations.”

By: DaySmart

Simplify your salon operations and eliminate headaches with the newest all-in-one front desk solution from Salon Iris.

Salon Iris offered a free 14 day trial with no credit card needed. There are four different subscriptions to choose from starting at $29/month.

Salon Iris Features:

  • Color-Coded Appointment Book

  • Online Booking

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Reports

  • Memberships

  • Credit Card File

  • Deposits & Cancellation Fees

  • Customer Portal

  • Automated Marketing

  • QuickBooks Connect

  • Reputation Management

  • Payroll

  • Client Reputation

  • Mobile Apps

  • Point Of Sale

Stylist Reviews:

“It’s (Salon Iris) pretty simple and love the option to be able to pull all kinds of reports from sales statistics to clients by zip code etc. The online booking is easy for clients to use and I find the product log helpful for inventory. I also love the automated text message reminder option!”
“If you are looking for an all-in-one salon management software this is it…it is affordable, reliable and versatile for one stylist or thirty.”
“Salon Iris has helped the business stay organized and more professional. I appreciate Salon Iris for all their support in helping with the software”

By: SalonMonster Software Ltd

Spend less time running your salon business with Salon Monster. Developed in Canada by salon industry professionals for salon industry professionals. Get a free 30 day trial without using a credit card. Five different subscription levels ranging from free for 1 user to $99/month for unlimited users.

Salon Monster Features:

  • Free Migration

  • No Contracts

  • Online Booking

  • Appointment Management

  • Point Of Sale

  • Reports

  • Email & Text Reminders

  • 24/7 Mobile Access

  • Client Management

  • Staff Management

  • Waiting Lists

  • Multiple Appointments Same Bill

  • Payroll

  • Crash Proof

  • Email Marketing

  • Tax Forms

Stylist Review:

“I have had nothing but positive feedback with the booking system, people like it because it’s simple and easy to use. Thanks for being awesome!”
“I use SalonMonster and love it!”
“I love this online booking service! Its easy to use and I truly think I have increased my bookings by 50%!"

By: Surge Ventures

Schedul is simple, flexible and powerful booking software for your salon business, it's totally FREE! It is cloud based software so it can be accessed from anywhere 24/7.

Schedul is backed by great investors that allows them to offer their subscriptions for free, at the moment. They are still in the testing phase for a lot of integrations & are rolling out with paid add-on features in select countries.

Scedul Features:

  • Scheduling Calendar

  • Online Booking

  • Book via Website & FaceBook

  • Point Of Sale

  • Mobile Apps

  • Client Management

  • Pre-Book Clients

  • Automates Reminders

  • Invoices, Receipts & Taxes

  • Inventory

  • Advanced Security

  • Barcode Scanner Compatible

  • Credit Card Processor

  • No-Show Protection

  • Deposits

Stylist Reviews:

“I love it! I’ve used Shedul for years with no issues! It’s sends text reminders for me and I can edit the verbiage. It gives me the monthly reports I need to keep track of income. And it’s free, can’t beat that!”
“Shedul does everything I need to own/run a salon plus booking. It runs all the reports I need, tracks inventory, client database, scheduling, text/email reminders to clients, so many new features come out monthly. There isn’t a POS integrated yet but they say it’s coming. Each stylist has their own login. Amazing all around!”

By: SquareUp

Square Appointments is a flexible solution for all your booking and payment needs all on a cloud system.

Square Appointments is free for individuals and affordable for multiple users without contracts.

Square Appointments Features:

  • Online Booking

  • Appointments Schedule

  • Appointment Confirmation

  • Credit Card Processor

  • Automated Email & Text Reminders

  • Credit Card Deposits

  • Booking Website

  • Google/Instagram Booking

  • Integrated Payment: get paid whenever, however

  • Payment When Booking Option

  • Professional Invoices

  • Email/Text Receipts

  • Reports

  • Quickbooks Link

  • Cancellation Fee

  • Inventory

  • Multiple Staff/Locations

  • Business Debit Bank Account

  • Save Credit Cards

  • Client Profiles

  • Loyalty Points Program

  • Marketing Emails

  • Rewards/Discounts/Memberships

Stylist Reviews:

“I chose this platform as it seemed to be what the majority of my clients were familiar with and trust using and also what most small businesses in my area are using. I like that I can link it directly to my QuickBooks for tax time and to quickly see my monthly margins/reports.”
“I used this for booth rent and loved it, also loved I could link it to quick books self employed for tax time! Their customer service is awesome.”

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